Meet Christina Perez!
Pronouns: she, hers

Christina became drawn to the work of the postpartum doula after giving birth to her firstborn. She was blessed to be cared for by two wonderful labor doulas, who inspired her to learn more about what doulas do.
She sees the early weeks after baby’s arrival as a treasured time, whether it’s your first or fourth baby. It’s a time for parents to rest, be nourished, be nurtured and encouraged so that they will be confident in caring for their precious little one(s). During this special time, she also finds value in being in the company of a fellow person who can simply listen to parent when they want to share their story; voice concerns or reveal their hopes and dreams for parenthood. When a parent feels like at least one other person gets them, and can affirm that they are completely capable of raising their baby, it is empowering.

It’s that empowerment she hopes to help foster in her clients, especially during a time when we somehow got this idea in our heads that to be a successful parent, we have to be able to do it all and without help. The people in Christina’s life that she considers to be strong and confident were never alone in their parenting journey. They were courageous to reach out to their “village” of people when they needed help, or someone to just listen. So in addition to fostering empowerment, she wishes to leave her clients with the assurance that reaching out to others for assistance shows strength and intelligence, not weakness or failure.

Christina was born and raised in Seattle, Washington.  She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Costa Rica for 27 months, from 2008-2010. She currently lives in Vancouver, Washington with her husband and three children. She enjoys practicing yoga, traveling and nourishing herself at different restaurants in the Portland/Vancouver area.