Heidi, mother of four

“Christina came when my baby was around a month old- she is my 4th child and my husband has always gone back to work a few days after I have given birth. Before asking Christina I thought that I was good and didn’t need help with my new role of being a Mom of 4-but, I was wrong!! Christina came in and instantly went to work- there was laundry that needed to be folded, dinner to be made, dishes to be done and I was exhausted just thinking about it all! Christina took over all of the needs of the house and the needs of the baby (minus the feeding- since I was breastfeeding) and just let me go and rest!! It was so needed!

“A month after giving birth is all still new and hard- asking someone like Christina to take a little bit of that burden away so I could just go and rest,  was the best decision ever!!”